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Antonia Duealberi

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Picnic On The Grass, After Monet

I started my brainstorming simply by writing all the things that came up to my mind when thinking of a picnic. Here are the first results.  

Then, unexpectedly, I've got an inspiration as I remembered one of the famous paintings of the French impressionist Claude Monet. It is called Picnic On The Grass, in French it is Le Dejeuner sur l'herbe. Actually Monet has painted two pantings with the same title, one in 1865 and the other one the following year. I googled and found reproductions of both paintings and loved the idea of being inspired by the beautiful and elegant pastels of the French Impressionists.

The first painting:

Resourse: Interagir

The second painting:

resource Plaidpetticoats

Color swatches from the paintings:

Look how beautiful the colors are here:

I love the yellows and reds, the beautiful greys and greens. 

So, my concept is to use as inspiration Monet's paintings and imagine a picnic after Monet, looking closer to the details of the painting that I might reinterpret in my picnic design. 

A close-up:

resourse Musee d'Orsay

So, what I see on the painting?

First of all I noticed the dog, probably a greyhound, un levriere... The dog is very elegant

A polka dots white dress

A yellow umbrella

The grass

The apricots 

So I have decided to use these motifs in my design. 

I've decided to handwrite in French all the objects that captured my attention and here is what I need to do a picnic on the grass after Monet (Un pique-nique à la Monet).

An elegant dog

A yellow umbrella

Some grass


A bottle opener (from my first brainstorming)

A beautiful white dress with polka dots

That's it!

These are my first sketches. I imported and did a live-trace of some of them. 

Then I tried to draw the dog directly in Ai, it took me forever and I had to redraw it, as I messed up with the traces and brushes....

The first dog that I messed up... I wasn't able to color it, as I had put two traces instead of one, I cannot figure out how actually I managed to do that....

First handwritten words... but I had to re-write them digitally afterwards:

Work in progress: coloring! The most difficult part!

Old-school method square 1: playing with dogs

And this is the final result, for the time being:

I am not sure if I prefer this background or the pale blue one that you will see below:

Tile checking:

Here is the link of my desing on spoonflower: 



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