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Liz May

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Picnic Memories

I have had a lot of fun doing the wordstorm for the first part of the course :) Thinking back to memories I have had on a picnic, and what it means to me from colour, texture to food and senses.

From the next tutorial, I then had a look at textures I associate with picnics, I have a cute gingham picnic basket at home, and remember wearing a gingham dress when I was little. I would really love to recreate this, but with a modern twist, adding various other patterns, and detail.

I then explored different textures and patterns I could potentially use, using a rough style
I do quite like the way I have drawn in pen, and coloured in photoshop to achieve an 
imperfect style :)

Okay, so yesterday I went on a mad illustration day repeating shapes for a ginham twist and drawing things I associated with picnics..then uh oh..my head got confused and I completly lost direction haha..I had to call it a day yesterday. But in the evening I again decided I wanted to concentrate my designs back to gingham with a twist, I again want to draw on the associated textures and patterns with picnics, so I am thinking all things, spotty, stripes, gingham etc..and mixing it up a little! I'l post more up very soon.

Okay so this is now where I am, I really wanted to concentrate on the nature of the textures picnics have, with a twist. So I have designed a serious of geometric forms from spots to diamonds and stripes, mixing the patterns up for a modern look.

I then saw this lovely bunting on the internet and loved all the varieties of colour mixed in, and thought it would look effective repeated in the pattern..so...

I changed the colours inspired by the image before..and repeated them...what do you think? Too much, prefer the one before...less repitition.? Thanks everyone.

I next took into account on MaJo's comments, about perhaps having the same colour in the collumns and different patterns in the row's, which I think works much better now..what does everyone else think? I have also added some more sneaky hearts into the pattern :) 

I am also going to be playing around with these patterns in various shapes I drew last week, to get further effects and to push the pattern further.

Haha I have gone pattern crazy now..I started working on this over the weekend, to use my existing drawings I did earlier with my repeat gingham inspired design..what do you think?...

Again, I have added some sneaky hearts into the design and repeated the pattern..by creating the pattern in illustrator and using the pattern tool to add to my shapes.I'm thinking, for spoonflower that I may submit two designs, one using the gingham inspired design, and another more like this, and using shapes I drew earlier for inspiration and the main theme for the pattern.

Can we submit more than one design to spoonflower?

I then decided to repeat in a more random repeat..which I prefer, so it doesn't look so conventional looking..using other colours to break up the pattern.

Okay....so now Im confused hehe, I have modified this to include my beloved hearts...but now Im stuck between these two designs to upload to spoonflower, which ones does everyone prefer..this one..or...

This one...?

Im now struck with this design, as it is more leaning towards my original design...but im leaving it to other people's opinions now...thanks everyone :) (a very confused liz) x


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