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Lisa Quarterman

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Picnic Adventures

I have been working away, but just haven't been very good at keeping this part of the project up to date, so I will try to add some bits in to show what I have been doing!!


A bit rushed - but nice to stop and think about the theme.  A different approach to the way I normally work.

Mood Board

I have been thinking about what it is from my brain storming session that I really want to focus on.  I am drawn to the ideas of the picnic blanket, floral motifs, texture and natural elements.  Here is my mood board so far.


Time to sketch

I have started sketching out a few motifs - just a start!

Colour Choices

Initially I was thinking about pastel colours as that is what I was drawn to from my mood board, but after reviewing some colour collections I decided on the following colours:

Vectorising the Motifs

Here is where I started with turning some of the motifs above into vectors.

Pattern Tile

Lots of playing around later - the pattern tile was created:

Half Brick Repeat

Not achieved without much suffering ;)

Reworked Repeat

I have tried to take onboard the feedback about the repeat leaning to the left and rescaling motifs - here it is:


And finally the design is in the competition -



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