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I'm finally done with my picnic design and I entered the Spoonfllower contest!!!

This class was defintely a challenge, but I love it. I still have more to learn and to practice with the videos and all the resources provided by Majo.

I'm gonna make Repeat designs a great habit of mines and will be entering many more contest at spoonflower and others. Hope to see you all there too!!

Thank you Majo for this great experience and opportunity!!

Here's my final picnic design!! What do you all think?


Hi Class!!

Can't believe that this is the end!! I've learned so much in this class...thank you Majo!! Your video lessons are gonna be handy, since I'm sort off new in Ai.

Not quite ready and still making some changes, but here are some of my repeats.

Hope you all like them :)

Picnics are fun and is definitely my thing!!

Here's what I came up with, as I was brainstorming. First thing that came to my mind was outdoors and reasons for having a picnic. I highlighted the ones that most stood out. Picnics are to be enjoyed outdoors and a great way to express romance :)

Here's my moodboard:

So far my Picinic inspirations is romance, out in the woods, vintage, and very soft colors.


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