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Pickled Pink!

I have tried pickling before by making sauerkraut but I'm going to be real with you,.... it smelt like an old mans mouldy socks... I mean... it tasted ok.. but I wouldn't pay an extra $1.50 to have it with my Bratwurst!

I have done quick pickling before for Vietnamese dishes, but all that entails is finely slicing the vegetables and putting them in a mixture of rice vinegar, a heap of sugar and a large pinch of salt and chucking it in the fridge for an hour to mingle in its own juices before throwing it into a Bahn Mi roll.

This was the first time I was dedicated to the cause.

I started with a bunch of radishes from the local farmers market. Even though I had used the recently in a great Summer Salad I made, I found that their use in the kitchen was kind of limited and their shelf life was quickly deteriorating. 

I use the sterilisation method that I had used previously when making a Tomato and Chilli Relish

I Used:

5 x small radishes sliced, skin on

2 x heaped tsp of caster sugar

1 x generous pinch of salt

1 x tsp of pepper corns

1/2 cup Rice Wine Vinegar

1/4 cup filtered water

1 x small bay leaf

1 x small bunch of dill 

I Did:

1. After cooling my sterilised jars, I sliced the radishes and packed them into the jar. 

2. I gently heated the rest of the ingredients, except the dill, in a small saucepan so the until the sugar was melted then cooled the mixture to room temp. I took out the bay leaf at this stage because I didn't want the flavour to dominate. 

3. I poured the cooled mixture into the jar, jiggling it a bit so the air pockets got filled with the vinegar brine. Packed the dill into the top of the jar and screwed the lid on tight. 

4. Popped it in the fridge for a week and waited for the magic to happen!

The End:

The end product was damn tasty. Although I think I had the same issue as the s sauerkraut because dill was poking about the brine and when I opened the lid it smelt like decomposing worm food. Mmmm not so good... but after removing the dill and actually trying the radish the end result was pretty delish. 

The only issue I had with it was that the spiciness from the radish was no longer there, and if you closed your eyes it could've been any vegetable. 

I was pretty happy with the pink colour of the brine though. Anything pretty n pink get the thumbs up from me!



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