Pickle Picnic

Pickle Picnic - student project


Here's my first rough sketch. I'm going to tighten this up at actual size (12x18). I'm thinking of doing the main graphics as a linoblock print and background colours either added digitally or screenprinted. I'll probably digitize the tighter sketch and experiment a bit with colour etc.

Pickle Picnic - image 1 - student project

Project // Mood Boards

I thought I'd use this opportunity to work on a visual language for a food festival i'm curating with my partner. Toronto's first Pickle Picnic...a celebration of all things canned, pickled, fermented, dehydrated, distilled, smoked, cured...etc. etc. We're teaming up with a notorious local deli owner and taking over the parking lot behind a downtown retail landmark. Should be fun huh?! 

Pickle Picnic - image 2 - student project

I'm starting with the poster, but the graphics will eventually be applied to things like sandwich boards, signs, Tshirts, postcards, buttons, flags etc. I'm thinking of rolling the tshirts and putting them in a glass pickle jar...so hopefully people will be compelled to make their own pickles....that, and it'll allow me to do a label for the jar ;-)

Anyway! both the Deli and the Store use traditional brush signpainting for their promotional material and the festival is all about hand made local goods so it's only natural that all the graphics be hand done. I'm thinking of doing a combination of linoblock printing and screen printing. 

the look i'm going for is a mashup of farmers market type signage with whiskey craftsmanship and detail and a sideshow/coney island spirit. I want to keep it to as little colours as possible and a bit of a rougher, less than perfect finished product (misregistration, imperfect ink goverage). 


Pickle Picnic - image 3 - student project