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Pickle Girl


Hey guys here is the animatic...let me know what you think!!



haven't updated in awhile but here is the latest board...It's basically done but any and all critiques are welcome! Actually very welcomed...Tell me what you think!!


Woo Been awhile! Anyways here is some added bits. Please leave comments and or advise so I can make it better. I wanna have this baby done by november for CTN


I took some of the feed back I got and added to the thumbnails. Please Let me know what you think and I have gone further in the story only 3 more sections to go lol...

I started my thumbnails...So I broke down how my paradigm is gonna go

Scene A. Characters goal is to be accepted but gets caught eating a pickls

Scene B. Gets picked last for soccor.

Scene C. The Whoopi coshin incident. Where I sat on a whoopi coshin and even my teacher laughed so I ran to the bathroom a cried for the next hour.

Scene D. I'm drawing a kid walks buy and crumples it up and throws it on the ground.

Scene E. I got boobs. Which proceeded to me being the first girl in my class to wear a bra when changing for gym a girl in my class notices I get embarrased.

Scene F. At a game of baseball said girl proceeds to tell one of the boys I'm wearing a bra so he shouts, "Kaitrin's wearing  a bra" Everyone starts laughing and at this point I've had so I push him. He gets angry picks up the bat and proceeds to chase me down with it. Small fight scene (might make it look more epic then it really was) Teacher comes over and pulls us apart. I'm beaten up.

Scene G. Where my parents show me a pamphlet for new elementary school. I look at it and agree sadly.

Scene H. Where I enter my new school there I see a set of twin girls sitting together drawing and I walk over to them and introduce myself. I was thinking of doing like a snapshot of a few drawings (photos) from over the years and us being best friends.

Here are the thumbnails I have so far.




So I decided to go with Pickle Girl as my story Idea. So here is some of the research I did.

I went to a chatholic elementary school. (thats my actual school THANKS GOOGLE) There will be scenes in a playground and a pivital scene where a kid pushed me too far and I pushed him and then he chased me with a pipe (there was constraction at our school so there was always pipes and things lying around...real safe I know) We were playing kickball on a kickball field. Since this incedent is pivatal I think for the sake of the story I'll just say we were playing baseball so the bat will already be prop that he can chase me with.

Also I had a teacher in 3rd grade who no joke was miss bitters. The first time I saw invader zim I freaked out because I had her as teacher.

So I went on goggle and gathered some images to give an ideas for the school yard and how I'm going to map out my scenes.

Here are some rough sketches I did for the characters. I don't want to make the bullies look to look like a typical bullies. I want them it to be understood that it was more of a group effort in bullying rather then their was just one mean person. It was the incedent with the pickle that made people in my class not like me and it was a group effort.

I did have a best friend in elementary school but we never played together at school because she was also afraid that if people knew we were friends she would get bullied so we only played outside of school I want to work that into the story as well somehow anyways....so this is what I have so far.

My Three ideas!

1. Pickle Girl

For this one I wanted to chronicle my journey of being bullied. It all started with the fact that I liked pickles. Small I know but I was teased horribly all through elementary school. The I would show each scene as it got worse and worse. Until I finally was transfered to another school where I met two of my best friends who honestly saved my life. I wanted the mood of this piece to start of as mostly funny and gradually become darker with a happy ending.

2. Racoon Face

This Happened theday before 8th grade started.

I went wake boarding with my bestfriends. (who are twins) I wanted to go first because I love wakeboarding!  I attempted to do a 360 jumb and was mostly successful! Until I landed! My board came up and slapped me straight accross the face. Blood apparently came up out of the water before I did. I had a gash across my nose. I got back in the boat and rushed off to the hosiptal. They patched me up and I was on my way. The next day was the start of class. Now Lauren and Michelle's mom LOVES to take pictures of every moment of our lives growing up. So on the first day we needed a photo. At this point my eyes had swelled to two big black eyes. Somewhere to this day there is a photo of me in this condition. I hope to never see. Also we now have a rule when we go wakeboarding. I have to go last....

3. Cellphone Misadventure

In the spring of 2010 I had just returned to Japan for a second semester at a new school than the school I had gone to before. I needed to get a new cell phone with a contract since I would be in longer this time. My friend accompanied me so I could have some one who was absolutely fluent in Japanese so I didn't pay too much on my contract. I had been in Japan for a day. Our first stop was at the Softbank in Roppongi. Roppongi is where a lot of nonjapanese hang out so I figured it was a high chance they spoke english! I was right! Only I didn't know that in order to sign up for a phone plan I need a thing called a gaikoukujintourakushou which is a Foreigner ID card. I didn't know how or when to get one since the last time I was in Japan it was less the 90 days. We proceeded to spend the rest of the day running around trying to find someone to sell me a cell phone. Finally I got a temporary prepaid one. He and I have talked about this event and he tells me I was so annoying. "You talked the whole day without stopping. I didn't say anything. You talk to much. I never knew someone could talk so much." At the time I really appreciated it. Now I know he was holding his tongue with how irritating I was. Whatever we're still close friends. Lol

So Guys which one do you think would make a good story? I partial to #1


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