Pick for Me

Pick for Me - student project

My idea is an app that will help people who are poor at managing their free time be more productive--this includes those who are indecisive, undisciplined, and easily overwhelmed by decision making. It's a task randomizer that creates a schedule based on time alloted and a pool of pre-entered tasks.

It allows people to enter in side hobbies or mundane chores that are ongoing and assign them qualifiers such as:

- Activity type (e.g., routine cleaning, hobby/leisure, health, errands)

- Activity name (e.g., tidy room, sort mail, pay bills, push-ups, paint, knit, clean bathroom, read, work-out, watch a movie)

- Assigned length of activity (e.g., 5, 10, 15, 30, 60, 60+, minutes)

A person could then enter how much unscheduled free time they have and let the app randomize a schedule or pick a particular task for them--then gives them a timer to tell them when to stop and move to the next activity.

For example, if a person has 2 hours to kill, the app might say: 

1 hour - tidy room

30 minutes - read

10 minutes - sort mail

20 minutes - research recipes

It is intended to take the edge off of decision-making, increase productive use of time, and discourage a person from wasting time by just idly surfing on Facebook or Youtube.