Pick apart a pattern!

SO helpful (the entire tutorial was helpful!)- but I cheered when I learned about picking apart a pattern. Up until now, when I needed to isolate a swatch of a pattern created in AI, I would drag out the swatch, change into outline mode, squint my eyes and try to find the base square (which can sometimes be rather difficult if the pattern is a little complex). Never realized I could look at the layers to get to that bottom path/square- so easily- and it can be selected whether I can see it or not because now I can target its layer. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! :D

Also pretty great is the edit a pattern tip- again, going into the swatch's layers is wonderful! I just went back and edited one I made using your method that I could not change when trying to edit it within the pattern options screen when just double-clicking on the swatch. I love it!!! Thank you Helen!!!! These 10 tips really packed a punch! :D



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