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Pick Yourself Up and Become Productive - Updated Version

  • ‘Oh no, I have got so much to do. What am I going to do?’
  • ‘I am so stressed. I can’t think straight’
  • ‘I am so overwhelmed. I wish this…or that…’

But instead tell yourself this…

  • I need to do x and y. What is the best way for me to get everything done?
  • What is causing the stress? What needs to change so that I manage this situation better?
  • What can I do to improve this, considering the current circumstances?

Most of the time, it may seem like common sense; however, common sense is definitely not common practice and this is why many individuals struggle to increase their productivity. Most of what you will read will improve your results, but another contributing factor is that some of the suggestions just don’t seem to resonate with people or cannot be easily applied.

So yeah this will be short DIY drop the anger and get things done, good luck, and message me if you want more details. Also all your question, can also be posted in group so that others who are shy can see the same answer - question.

And If you are interested in how to become super happy, just remember to brush it off :)


And share you worst difficulties into being productive.

Pheeew this will be very difficult task but I am there guiding you all along :)

The course is updated so I can share it with you here :)

Stop Procrastinating with Your Obligations, Time Management to Finish the Job

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All the best and I will see you soon, keep up the good work and stay safe.



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