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Pick Up Sticks

Hi everyone! This is a passion project that is really close to my heart. Pick Up Sticks is a knitting website that is still in the process of being built! This branding exercise is the first step. I'd love to hear any comments/advice that you have. For example, knitting and crafting blogs are a dime a dozen, but I'm trying to zero in on the tutorial aspect with an organized "curriculm" that introduces the craft of knitting and then holds the user's hands through their knitting journey, from an easy scarf to a hat, mittens and culminating in a final project - a sweater! Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself. Here's my creative brief:

Pick Up Sticks Creative Brief


Pick Up Sticks is a website that seeks to spread the joy of knitting by teaching people how to knit. Through instructional videos and practical and stylish patterns, users can build on their skills . Pick Up Sticks also seeks to educate knitters and would-be-knitters by blogging about the rich history, culture and tradition of knitting (which is totally fascinating, by the way! Did you know that ancient samurai used to knit their own undergarments?).


To create a visual identity to launch Pick Up Sticks


Creative women in their twenties and thirties who've always wanted to learn how to knit or who are interested in taking their knitting beyond simple scarves and squares. These could be hardcore DIYers or women who are new to the world of making handmade garments.


Your hands are for making, so come on and pick up sticks!


Come on, let's make it handmade!


Instructonal videos on YouTube, knitting books, knitting websites like KnittingHelp.com, WikiHow, About.com, and knitting/crafting blogs


  • An integrated brand identity that isn't too “crafty,” twee or dowdy, but is modern, stylish and relevant
  • Regular blog posts about knitting's rich and quirky past
  • Calls to action to pick up sticks and knit already!
  • Practical and stylish patterns (think: wardrobe staples - nothing too fancy or excessively trendy)
  • An organized course of instruction for beginners that guides them through new techniques and builds towards a satisfying project.
  • Tutorials organized towards teaching people how to knit and build on their skills to create increasingly more complex projects.


  • playful typogography
  • textured backgrounds and type that suggests vintage and handmade
  • retro-modern (leaning towards mid-century graphics and typography)
  • use of vintage photographs


  • playful
  • friendly
  • warm
  • curious

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