Picasso's Color Secrets Revealled

Picasso's Color Secrets Revealled - student project

I collaborated with my son James Mulvey on this project. He provided all the music and I did the film.

The opening sequence is very moving for me and I wish it were longer. I am hoping to do a longer Music/Art video with his music that will move and energize our creative spirits. Thanks James.

Oh,this was a really inspiring project for me. To discover a secret is always a big bonus for us earthlings. It lifts our creative spirit and makes us want to get at the artistic side of our life and express ourselves.

The understanding of complimentary colors in this class has made me look at everything that has color in my life ... even the way I serve food. How much green to how much orange and is there a little red I can splash on or between something.

I did this project in watercolor and in acrylic and in watercolor acrylic. The painting on my cover image was done with acrylic.

If you have never worked in acrylic watercolors you should try it. If you need some help email me at [email protected] and ZI'll get you started asap. Or post your question here.

We already have about 10 students and i just posted so I'll add more details here later.

Picasso's Color Secrets Revealled - image 1 - student project

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Artist / Art Teacher