Picasso color studies, prepping for painting

Thanks for the lessons, Ron. I hadn't known about the rectangle until now (or I forgot it). I've been noticing blue-orange contrasts since I enrolled. I'm packing to live in a ranch house in Hell's Canyon (Snake River) for a week and I plan to take supplies for this class with me. This morning I photographed some things around my house that I've been noticing. I'll give them a color study and I'll start sketching as I prepare for my "artist retreat". Painting by relatives, an ancient book of 16 Picasso prints, a silly table decoration sporting a costume piece for a Season in a myth I directed for children's theater. I hope to update soon with sketches. I like your e-mail suggestions for POSTING SOMETHING, ANYTHING related to this class. As a teacher, I've often wondered what, if anything, is going on in students' minds and hearts. Online teaching must be even more eery.  








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