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At this point I am still defining my project. Depending on how much I am able to lear and do, I will keep updating this page and see how my page turns out. I know for a fact that I will do with people posting images and creating a story though images. I am passionate about pictures, and I would love to create a page where people share what they do and love about life in website. Something like pinterst but about you and what you do in real life. Instagram meets Pintererst and creates PicLIfe!!

I implemented all of the functionalities. Went over all the videos, but at this time I am truly busy with other projects. I have not had time to go deep on the application and create, but I still managed to create a basic application with all the features that we discussed. I will keep you guys updated with my project. 

GitHub: https://github.com/johnnyfuncode/omrails

Heroku: http://blooming-meadow-2780.herokuapp.com/


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