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Piano rock band t-shirt

My design is for my piano rock band Distoria (based in NYC). Our music has been described as "ear candy with a high IQ" -- we're different because we make pop-type rock that's accessible but has complex lyrics and uses new technology (Ableton Live, Launchpad, MIDI controllers) to push the limits of what a traditional trio can do.

I want this t-shirt to be stylish, easily incorporated into an outfit. I want it to make people say, "Hey, cool shirt. Where'd you get it?"

The "i'm not scared of you" is a lyric from the single on our soon-to-be-released EP. The design is intended to be large (almost the full length of the torso) and off-center. I'm envisioning a cream color for the shirt and then a light-ish color for the print, along the lines of this shirt: 


Here it is rendered onto a t-shirt shape:

You can see more about our "look" on our website: www.distoriamusic.com

Does this design draw you in? Would you wear this (in the colors I described, or some other way)? I'd love any feedback!!


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