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Physics of the Universe

Already had a website but wasn't adding new content.  I saw the Mastering a Blogging Campaign course in and decided to see if I could get fired up with new interest like Mark said in his introductory video. 

This project is to get off the ground a scientific revolution to change our perception for the true structure of our Universe using critical experiments (experimentum crucis) in the electromagnetic spectrum and by using the best scientific methodologies to do so.

I also want to teach how to make new discoveries in astronomy and astrophysics using science discovery methodology, as well to validate or falsify present or future hypothesises, models, theories, and/or claims.

In my website I want to promote open access science and public collaboration vs peer review.

Update 2:

I find Mark's method using Google to find content to be very useful and with the spreadsheet also a great idea for conducting a data base for researching as well as a great content generator. 

Update 3:

For my blogging sphere of astrophysics and scientific reveloution - the amount of website links I am able to find is overwhemming and I could spend months fulfilling every keyword search when I want to start blogging.  So I think I will develop a strategy of breaking the various steps into little bite sizes.  Do a block at a time across the whole platform to get content out after I have enough information to do a few blogs.

Update 4:

I found that a lot of links I have amass I would not want to blog about as part of the strategy for content I want in my bloggs.  Its all good backgrounf information but not something I would specifically blog about.

Update 5:

I started blogging and set a goal of once a day.  I presently only have a 2hr block of time in the mornings because I wake up at 5:15 to get started.  I find myself to be very excited about getting up and to get a blog topic going.  Usually too tired at night to do much.

I do a blog and then the next morning twitter a tweet to get traffic to the website.  See my latest blog to see what I wrote about Twitter,



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