Physical Leveling: From Meh to Masterful

This project will be focused on developing a habit of working out that won't be deterred by anything except the most legitimate of excuses. I believe if I am able to begin exercising consistently, I will feel more energetic, capable, and ultimately happier as my muscle tone and stamina improve.

Currently, my physical activity is limited to how long it takes me to walk back and forth from work, which amounts to about an hour of walking 4 times a week. Although better than nothing, I need to push myself if I want to see any improvement. In the past, I would get started working out a few times a week, but would eventually start feeling overwhelmed by how much I needed to track between different machines and weights and sets and reps. I don't want to sabotage myself with lofty goals, but I do have a series of immediate and long-term goals that I would like to begin achieving.

- At least 15 minutes of exercise each day, including 25 push ups and 25 sit ups/bicycle crunches.
- 3 times a week, engage in at least half an hour of exercise
- Start tracking food and activity
- Stop with the midnight snacks

Long Term:
- 100 push ups
- 100 sit ups
- Curl 150lbs comfortably
- Attend martial arts classes at least 3 times a week


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