Physiast - student project


I have to thank Nathaniel first for this honest and well designed course. I like your videos on Youtube a lot, and I liked this episode even more. I'd appreciate it to meet you one day and dicuss about the journey we are on. Till then, I wish you all the best on your way to mental clarity! ;-)

I'm happy to share our project with you guy's. 

At the moment it's only in german, but I work on an english access. It's about deciding better on a daily basis. I'm doing my research for 6 years now, and with an evolving understanding I'm starting with the communication of my project.

The course helped me a lot, because I know the feeling of being to late very well. Now Nathaniels ideas helped me to understand the creative process much better - thanks a lot! 


My Web:

My Youtube: Physiast

Insta: @physiast


And if you want to connect with me and my thoughts, maybe my email is right for you.

'It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting…' - Paulo Coelho

So keep going! :-)