Photoshop for Students

Adobe’s Photoshop is one of the best image editing suites, having a range of tools that allow you to create amazing graphics. While it’s the top currently-available photo editing software, some find it difficult to learn even the basics. However, the photoshop tutorials on this list will help you learn to Photoshop in no time at all.  

Starting Out 

If you’re just starting out with Photoshop, this tutorial is worth a read. Here, you’ll learn with one of the best photoshop tutorials about the interface and tools, and you’ll also learn how to accomplish basic tasks such as document creation and file saving. By completing this Photoshop course, you’ll have a basic knowledge of the tools you’ll be using. 

The Photoshop Toolbox 

In this easy-to-follow tutorial on Photoshop for students, you’ll get an in-depth explanation of Photoshop’s toolbox and each tool’s basic function. 

Creating Your Own Keyboard Shortcuts 

With keyboard shortcuts, it’s easy to speed up workflow and make yourself (and Photoshop) more efficient. In this written tutorial, you will find out how to create your own keyboard shortcuts in Adobe Photoshop. 

Secret Shortcuts 

Everyone knows how software shortcuts can boost productivity. In this list, you’ll get 30 non-listed shortcuts that help you get things done faster without sacrificing quality. 

Using Layers 

Working with layers is a crucial part of Photoshop success. Layers are the various components of an image and working on one layer won’t affect other parts of the design. With this layers tutorial, you’ll learn how to work on one part of a photo without making changes elsewhere.  

The Pen Tool 

Photoshop’s Pen Tool is one of its most useful parts, as it allows you to draw objects and shapes. In this straightforward guide, you’ll learn how to use the Pen Tool to create shapes from simple to complex. 


Shapes are another important part of successful Photoshop use. In this tutorial, you’ll pick up all the info needed to build and use custom shapes. 

The Brush Tool 

Photoshop’s Brush Tool is mainly used as a color-filling tool, but it has numerous other uses as well. This comprehensive guide will help you understand the Brush Tool and its range of features and uses.  

Brush Installation and Management 

Although brushes are a useful tool, it can be difficult to keep them all together. This basic tutorial will show you how to install Photoshop brushes, and it will provide a few techniques to help you organize these new additions. 


Gradients are fills consisting of multiple colors, blended together. This tutorial shows you how to build and use gradients in Photoshop. 

Selection Techniques 

If you’re having trouble making Photoshop selections, this detailed guide on selection techniques and tools will be an asset. Here in this Photoshop course, you’ll learn varied selection methods that may help you achieve the results you’re looking for. 

Masking Tools 

In Photoshop, image masking is a way to mark a background so the software only prints what’s inside the selected area. With this guide, you’ll get the info you need to effectively use Image Masking tools. 

Adjustment Layers 

Photoshop’s Adjustment Layers tool allows users to apply effects to a selected layer group and edit those effects while preserving the original layers. In this easy tutorial, you’ll learn the advantages of working with Adjustment Layers. 

Photoshop Filters 

With Photoshop Filters, it’s possible to change how selections, images, and layers look. In this quick guide, you’ll learn how to use and apply some of the most common filters. 

Healing and Retouch Tools 

If you’ve ever needed to spot heal or touch up an image, you’ve likely wondered how to use Photoshop’s Healing and Retouching tools. Here in this Photoshop lesson, you’ll learn how to use these tools to their maximum benefit. 

Photoshop Actions 

With Photoshop Actions, it’s easy to simplify your workflow and get things done fast. For such purposes, simply define a certain action and the tool will resize images accordingly. In this tutorial, you will find out how to make and use Photoshop Actions. 

The Grid 

Photoshop’s Grid is the ideal graphic design alignment tool, and it’s simple to use. By using the Grid along with the software’s Snap feature, you’ll find it easy to align various objects along subdivisions and Grid lines. Learn how to use the tool effectively with this simple tutorial. 

The Type Tool 

Photoshop has many beneficial tools, but for most users, the Type tool is one of the most powerful. While anyone can use the tool, this guide explores all of its potential and helps you learn how to maximize its effects.  

Photoshop 3D Tools 

From opening 3D files to rotating, moving, and scaling them, creating textures and materials, using meshes, adding lights, and much more, the tutorial addresses many of the hidden features of the 3D tool.  

Compositing Techniques 

In this in-depth tutorial, you will learn how to combine various elements into a single image and get a surreal, dreamy effect. In the guide, you’ll learn how to create vector lettering with a 3D look, how textures can enhance atmospheres, and how to use adjustment layers to include unusual elements in a project. 

Lighting Effects and Glows 

These effects are commonly used in sci-fi and fantasy art. With the information in this guide, you’ll learn how to create dynamic art with lighting effects and glows. 

Head Swapping 

Every designer and photographer has encountered this difficulty. There are two pictures of a subject; one has the right pose, and the other has the right expression, and there’s no way to combine them into one perfect shot. In this tutorial, you will learn how to use adjustment masks to combine the best parts of different photos. 

Fantasy Effects 

Fantasy art is typically created with a generous helping of Photoshop plugins, but it’s not always necessary to go that route. By creating brushes and using scanned elements in Photoshop, it’s easy to create ethereal scenes that are full of glow effects and virtual light. During this quick Photoshop lesson, you’ll learn how to wrap source images into multiple layers, giving your art a fantasy theme. 

The Benefits of Learning Photoshop Through Tutorials 

Photoshop is a great tool for graphic designers and photographers, but they’re not the only group who can benefit from this powerful software. For entrepreneurs, startup owners, crafters, and other creative types, having a working knowledge of Photoshop is a definite plus. Here, you’ll learn several ways the above Photoshop for students helps them to expand their knowledge bases and improve their businesses. 

  • DIY promotional materials: Rather than outsourcing stickers, brochures, signs, banners, and other marketing materials, Photoshop for students helps them make things in-house. Not only does the DIY route allow owners to have greater creative control, it helps them save money on outside hires. 
  • Better social media content and profiles: Even if a company has shareable content and attention-getting cover photos, they may need more. Even a little Photoshop knowledge can help a student turn the best raw materials into compelling, shareable content that boosts a company’s social media marketing efforts, increases customers’ engagement, and provides a greater return on the time spent online. 
  • Streamlined communications: Business owners, freelancers, and others can benefit from having personalized, stylized documents that convey a sense of professionalism. Internal papers, such as those used in human resources departments, can be substantially improved with the addition of a branded typeface and a corporate logo. It may seem like a minor detail, but having streamlined, professional-looking communications makes a big difference, and learning Photoshop can help. 
  • Increased sales: There’s no way to deny it: product photos are important, and in some cases, they may make the difference between making and not making a sale. Widely cited as one of the most vital components of e-commerce, great product photos don’t start with the click of a camera shutter. The ability to edit and tweak photos is crucial, and with these Photoshop tutorials, marketers can learn how to make products look more appealing without spending any additional money on photography. 
  • Learning Photoshop to become more competitive in the job market: Photoshop isn’t just for business owners and entrepreneurs. If you’re just getting into the corporate world, Photoshop can help you land the job you’re looking for. Many of today’s jobs require Photoshop usage, especially in the web, UI, graphic design, and marketing fields. In today’s competitive job market, gaining these skills with tutorials can help you set yourself apart from others. 


In Conclusion 

As industry and society move on to more advanced technologies, design students should take things into their own hands by doing what’s needed to become a valuable asset to future employers. Because Photoshop is accessible to anyone with a PC, the graphic arts industry is full of potential designers. The ones who stand out will take the things they’ve learned from photoshop classes and tutorials and build upon them. With the right educational resources, applicants and marketers can know their tools better than their competitors do. Looking for photoshop tutorials free? Find exceptional classes on this website available with and without a subscription.


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