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Photoshop Tutorial for Beginners

Amazing works of art have been created using photoshopPhotographs can be made to look even better, and there’s not a lot of professional photographs that aren’t touched up at least a little bit through photoshopping. Even when the photo must remain true to reality, light photoshopping can enhance the image and make it look even more fantastic. When the photo doesn’t need to stay true to reality, the possibilities are endless.  

Photoshop, at first glance, can look incredibly complicated to use. There are many different buttons to try out, almost endless settings to configure and play with, and detailed work that can be done to create the exact image the person wants to create. Playing around with photoshop can help beginners start to see a little bit of what can be done, and they can get a better idea of how to do some of the basic skills, but they may want more help to ensure they can create what they want.  

Beginners who want to learn photoshop, whether it’s to create fantastic artwork or just to touch up a photo, will want to look through various photoshop tutorials and go slow. It’s important to start at the beginning and practice often to learn how to use the skills effectively and how to make sure the final result is what the person is hoping for. Many of these tutorials are better suited to photoshop for students, so make sure you find one that suits your needs.

Start with a Beginner’s Class to Get a Feel for How Photoshop Works 

Very beginners who have just purchased Photoshop and who are ready to dive in can be overwhelmed by everything they can do and what they’ll need to learn. There are many different brushes, effects, techniques, and more that are included with photoshop and the ability to create your own to completely customize the image the way you want. 

To get started, it’s likely going to be a good idea to take a photoshop class. These classes are offered in person in some locations, though anyone can take a class online. Online classes are often preferred because they can be taken anywhere and at any time. Some classes do charge a fee while others may be free to use.  

Beginners will want to look for a class that’s designed to train photoshop beginners in the basics of how to use photoshop. They won’t want to try something too advanced at first as they will want to have a good idea of how the program works overall and what they can do with it. A good basis will enable them to easily build onto their knowledge in the future. 

Classes can vary in length and the amount of participation needed, but a beginner will want one that’s going to explain as much as possible and give them the chance to try some of the skills on their own. Longer classes may go into more detail and provide more examples the beginner can learn from.  

Take care to follow the class carefully and try out everything possible. Beginner classes are a great way to just play around with the tools, brushes, and more in photoshop. They’ll give you the chance to see what you can do and figure out what you’re going to want to learn. You’ll get an idea of what you want to start practicing and what might not be as important for you right now.  

Decide What’s Important to Learn First 

What’s important to know is different for just about everyone. Other than learning the basics of how to use photoshop, those who want to learn photoshop are going to want to think about what their goals are. Do you want to learn how to create composite images? Do you just want to touch-up photos you’ve taken to make them look better? Do you want to create an image from scratch? 

Think about what your goals are and what skills you might need to know to achieve them. You don’t need to know every skill that you’ll want to learn right now, but you may have a basic idea of the first few skills to learn.  

If you’d like to create composite images, for instance, you’ll want to learn more about how to combine images, how to use the different effects included in photoshop to make your composite more realistic, and more. Start with the basic skills you’ll want to learn and you can always add on more later. 

If you’d like to discover how to make your own photographs better, you might want to learn how to adjust the composition, how to retouch skin, how to remove blemishes, and how to fix the exposure. The exact skills you may want to practice will depend on the type of photography you do. If you prefer landscape photos and almost never use people in your photos, you’ll likely not need to know a lot about how to retouch skin.  


Obtain Photos for Practice and Practice Often 

When you’re ready to learn photoshop, whether you’re taking a class, trying a photoshop tutorial, or just playing with the features on your own, it’s important to have images you can use for practice. You can take photos yourself and use them in photoshop, create images using photoshop, or use license-free photos that are intended to be used for practice.  

You’ll also want to make sure you practice everything you’ve learned in a beginner class often so you can use the skills in a variety of different situations and learn how to combine the skills you have to get the look you want for your image. Practice makes perfect and you will not be able to improve your skills, learn how to do them easily, and add on more skills without practicing what you’re learning. 

Additionally, it may be possible to take a class and create the image you want. If you don’t practice, however, you may forget what some of the tools do or forget which steps you need to take to recreate something you’ve learned. Practicing often makes it easier for you to remember what to do and how to do it so you don’t have to look up a tutorial every time you want to do something 

Choose a Variety of Beginner Tutorials to Learn Basic Skills 

You’ve completed a class, but there’s still a lot more to learn. There are more in-depth classes you can take, but you might want to branch off and learn the skills that are more important to you right now. If this is the case, you’ll want to look for adobe photoshop tutorials that are designed to train photoshop beginners on specific techniques.  

These tutorials are usually quite a bit shorter than the classes and many of them are available for free or at a low cost. In general, these are going to be very specific and will focus on one particular skill or set of skills needed to achieve a certain goal. These are the tutorials you’ll want to use and practice based on what you want to learn and what you want to be able to do.   

Move onto More In-Depth Tutorials for Specific Skills 

Once you’ve learned the basic skills and done a few tutorials that can help you reach your goals for using photoshop, you might want to look for more advanced skills you can learn. At this point, you should have a good grasp on how the tools in photoshop work and how you can use them to do what you want.  

When you’re ready to do more advanced techniques, you’ll want to look for a photoshop tutorial that covers that skill in detail. It’s important to find the right tutorial to help you learn photoshop. You’ll also want to make sure you practice quite a bit and save your work often as you try out more advanced skills.  


Don’t be Afraid to Go Back to Beginner Tutorials When Needed 

In some cases, you might find you’re not quite ready to try a skill because you’re struggling with perfecting a more basic skill that’s needed for the advanced techniques. If this happens, go back to the tutorials for the skill you need more work on and continue to practice what you’ve learned until you’re better at it. 

You don’t need to just stay with beginner skills until you’ve perfected all of them, but it is a good idea to remember you can go back and practice more if you feel you need it. Then, you can return to the more advanced adobe tutorials and practice those until you’ve gotten far better at what you’re doing and you’ve reached the goals you’ve set for yourself.  

Even if photoshop seems a bit intimidating at first, learning to use it properly to achieve the results you want is possible with the variety of tutorials and classes available today. Start with a beginner photoshop class to learn the basics and become more familiar with everything photoshop can do. When you’re ready, move onto different tutorials that are specific to what you want to learn. Keep practicing so you will continue to improve your photoshop skills and be able to create the work you desire.  


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