Photoshop Lettering

Photoshop Lettering - student project

Well if I said this was an easy project I would be lying. Oh my gosh this has been the most frustrating 3 days. First I couldn't get the brush right with CS3. So I downloaded a free trial of CS5. I found a great brush and created this purple Be Brave and now after nearly 16 hours of searching I can't find the exact brush. I can come close but they are all off somehow. It is so frustrating as i really like the look of it. I purchased a copy of CS6 but it is giving me trouble and had to reinstall it 3 times already. For some reason today the only thing in the preset folder is scripts. All the other folders are gone. I finally copied the brushes from CS5 into the preset folder just to have the standard brushes that come with the program available from the drop down menu. Also I have to keep restarting the driver for my Wacom Draw tablet. Sometimes that fixes the lack of pressure control other times I have to reinstall the driver and restart the computer. So I am going to take a break from this until Friday.

Photoshop Lettering - image 1 - student project

I also did this quick Alphabet. I have no idea what brush I used for it. I will see if i can figure it out Friday after I give my brain a rest.

Photoshop Lettering - image 2 - student project

Shannon Foster
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