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Taís Godoy

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Photoshop Karate Kid

(I will be updating this as I go through the chapters)

I already had experience with Photoshop, but it was only things I learnt through the years, all by myself when blogs were hype and I used to spend the whole day doing layouts for it, but I always wanted to learn to use Photoshop for real, knowing why and what-not instead of just working things here and there till I get to a satisfactory result. Even though I watched just the Layers Basics and Blend Modes, I already can tell that I learnt a lot of new things, small things yet new ones. I am really excited for this!

When I saw the photo of the beach, I instantly remembered the photos I took when I visited Grand Canyon and I couldn't wait to try the exercise on them.

On this first photo, I worked with the blend modes. I worked the options and found the ones and I notice the difference between the masks when it's black and when it's white. I wanted to enhance the green of the leaves and bushes using a white mask, but I couldn't make them "blend", but then I realized I could change the order of the layers and it worked out fine. So, here it is the before:


And after:


Not sure if I enhanced the blue from the sky a little bit too much, but when I tried to tone it down, I didn't like either, because everything else looks so vivid and alive, so I chose to leave it like that.

Wait for more! :)


I've been traveling, but now I am back and I am doing the exercises again!

So, for the lesson "Most Used Blend Modes", I got a photo of a sunset as well. I tried to do this twice, just to because on the first photo, I didn't like how the clouds weren't sharp enough, but I really loved the colors on the sky, so I used it in anyway. I also used the Selective color to work with the white right on the horizon. To me, it was really strong and my eyes kept noticing it far too much, and I was able to tone it down. Here it is:





For the second photo, I really loved this gold aspect to the clouds, so I used that. During the editing, I noticed the sunlight got really orange, which I think that goes really well with the golden colors.





Also, Michael, I would like to ask what's the difference between the black mask and the white mask. I thought I knew it, but I wanna check just in case. I think the black goes for the dark colors and the white for the lighter colors, but I am not sure. Could you explain that to me? Thanks!


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