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Photoshop Character Design

Here's how mine turned out, I decided to go for a more blue color scheme, with purple clothes since I always kind of favored a purple/blue and black look. I gave this guy yellow eyes, and took a bit of an artistic license and gave him some blue eye shadow.

Overall, I like how he turned out, but I do notice a few little mistakes I think, sometimes I miss things when I'm trying to clean up an image. I also had some problems with the background shining through the character, but I was able to delete those, and hopefully it looks nice enough. I think it looks more like a blazing fire than a sun set in my opinion, but I could just pretend he's on a battle field raising his sword ready to make an attack. I tried to make the eyes look like they were glowy as well.

I tried adding a bit of shine to the sword, but it didn't turn out the way I liked so I tried to remove it.

Let me know what you think Dawn, I hope he turned out alright! Sorry it took me a while to get him done.


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