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Photoshop Brush Collections

I Had made Photoshop brushes a few years ago and thought I would do this class as a refresh. I am so glad I did! What I didn’t expect was that I would be inspired to create so many different types of brushes!

My goal was to create a range of Photoshop brushes that I could use in my own illustrations.
I wanted brushes that could:

  • Add texture to existing illustrations
  • Be used to create textured backgrounds
  • Be used to paint digital paintings

So far I have created:

  • A set of 87 watercolour brushes
  • A set of 30 wire line brushes – from rubbing crayon over a baking rack.
  • A set of 38 concrete rubbing brushes for texture
  • A set of 40 grunge texture brushes

I am currently working of a collection of pen drawn texture brushes.

It was so much fun and I’m so happy to have a collection of brushes I can use in my illustration work!



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