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Retta Ritchie-Holbrook

Content Strategist, UX Designer, & Artist



Photos that best represent my style

You can find me on Instagram as retta

I have been playing around with different techniques and styles so my instagram is a bit all over the place right now but the images below are the ones I keep going back to as my favorites when I think about the overall mood I like best.

I'm drawn to nature and capturing light. I would like to work on creating more stories around my images.

A little valentines day snow squall.

Day 3: morning light #thedailymiracle

Shadow: We have been spring cleaning my mom's house today. Walls have been washed, carpets cleaned, furniture dusted. I'm going to sleep so hard right here tonight. #thedailymiracle

Lit from within: some days the filtered light is good enough. #thedailymiracle


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