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Sharmane Coquilla

Creative Documentation Artist



Photos from On-site Creative Journaling Workshop

This online class is based on an on-site creative journaling workshop.

Here are some of the photos and works of students who attended the workshop! Looking forward to seeing your projects shared here as well!



The workshop was sponsored by fujifilm instax! They sent us bunch of polaroid goodies to help make the workshop more special. 


Each student took home a Creative Journaling Starter Kit! You can view the kit unboxing here!

Here are some photos from students works! Credits to Nica, Meg, Cham and Odette for the photos!


Here's the gang who happily joined the workshop!70f3b334

We all enjoyed the creative journaling workshop! I hope this online module will bring you the same joy as well! Do share your projects here! <3





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