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Photos from Berlin.

Yo Guys & Steve,

first of all thanks for the inspiring class. I really enjoyed it! My name is Max and I'm from Berlin, Germany and here are my photos for this class. (If you like what you see don't hesitate to follow me on IG @imaax)

1. Shooting scale


This photo was taken in a library in Berlin/Mitte. I think it kinda combines scale and vanishing points.

2. Showcasing light


Afternoon in Berlin/Kreuzberg.

3. Complementary colors


A nice Chrysler in Berlin / Prenzlauer Berg. I like how the color of the car complements the wall's color.

4. Vanishing points


Similar to the traintracks in NY. This is the Berlin subway. This shot is combining vanishing points & showcasing light.

Hope you guys like what you see!

All shot with an iPhone 6 and edited with VSCOcam.


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