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Photography by Loren Stamp

I decided to start this class with a project that I offered to do for a photographer friend of mine.

She delivers CDs of photographs to her clients, but uses a sharpie to write her name on the CD folder. I suggested that I could make a logo for her business, which she thought would be great to use as a stamp. The deal was made and I have been sketching ideas and checking back with her to see if she likes my direction.

She liked the one at the bottom with mostly scripts. I preferred the very bottom one with only her name in cursive and the smaller, all caps lettering above and below. I will also be adding a vine of some sort to the bottom, which I still need to add to my next sketch. You can see one attempt there, but I need to draw it again to get the centering right and to add leaves.

Next, I inked the lettering with Micron pens and scanned it in. The image somehow ended up with a yellowish tint, which I will soon fix in PS6, but I wanted to post it here before I make any changes.

This is what my project looks like after cleaning up in PS. I also tried some color to see what that would it look like. 


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