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I'm basically a shy person and overall it's hard for me to put myself out there and getting people to pay attention. I'm also old school and learning how to use Instagram more is definitely a good thing. I'm new to digital photography beyond a point and shoot--I still love film. But money is too tight and it's something I haven't been able to do in maybe 2 years. I'm still getting to know my digital Nikon. I've had my mom's old Pentax since High School.

I've been going through some hard times the past nine months after leaving an old job to start a new one and have it fall though. Job hunting has been awful. To keep me going I revamped my original POD site (CafePress) and opened up a smaller shop (RedBubble), then a huge shop (Zazzle) to widen the net to selling my photography. And I could really, really use the funds. I started to sketch again as an outlet. A few online friends encouraged me to post my drawings as well. Lately I’ve been more about the drawing, photo manipulation, and design and upgrading my skills there as well.

I've learned some things from this class I definitely have begun to put into use. I've been experimenting with the bio. I changed my icon. I try to stay away from selfies as my icons lately because I don't want it to be about what I look like. I want it to be about what I do. And well that photo is bright. Though I do have personal things on my IG, it has been more business like lately. What I understood from the project is that we’re supposed to curate 9 photos ON Instagram for our top 9 that people will see first. I wasn’t sure because I see people posting individual photos and not a screen shot of what their IG looks like. I do post a lot lately too, so my top 9 are forever changing. I post sales advertisements up from the 3 shops, and delete them when they're over to keep my IG cleaned up and avoid the awkward likes after it's over. I post the latest designs/photographs I've put up in my shops, peeks of sketches I'm working on. I'm not usually comfortable with being personal on a public forum but I'm trying to get into posting more often. Through other blogs I've gotten into a habit of following a certain amount of people at a time, and encouraging interaction but yes I will go back and unfollow if my TL gets overwhelmed with spam and whatnot. I do need to do that again. I've also begun thanking people for sales and posting what sold which is something I got from a forum which does get a bit of interaction too.

Also to use the location on older posts and add hashtags to ones that were lacking or only had one or two. I do add photos below Twitter posts with hashtags, now I am going to try to remember to add the IG link to Facebook because I do post those to my like page, not my personal page most of the time. I deleted some old posts of a project that wasn't working out and other random posts. It may be a while til I'm done with all that though. I also installed SnapSeed to play with some filters and use the IG filters. But I am a sucker for something that looks good without any filters as well. I thought your tree photo looked great even before you edited it.

I probably should have taken a screenshot before I added that hibiscus photo today. Playing agin with SnapSeed. My designs collages are screenshots off the one website that looks the least grainy. I find people react better to seeing the design on actual products. Then these are screenshots of that. Maybe I should put up the 9 photos. Haha. Like I said, I still have much to learn. Be gentle. lol. And please feel free to go to my IG as well.




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