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Hi everyone, 

I live in Hyde Park, Ma which is a small town located within Boston, decorated with small shops and restaurants. I am having a hard time deciding whether to shoot my small town, or take on the bigger city so I am listing 5 locations instead of 3. I will dial it down once I come to a decision. 

1. Fanueil Hall - Is actually four great places wrapped in one (Faneuil Hall, Quincy Market, North Market and South Market). MLK day is on Monday and I want to capture the nice events set at the promenade.

2. Financial District - Mainly looking for the Old state house and some amazing lookups here.

3. North End - Is home to some of the best bakeries and Italian restaurants in Boston. I will be looking to capture shots of some of the well known food spots. 

4. Blue Hills (Hyde Park) - Is home to one of the most gorgeous views in Boston. I will be looking for some great wildlife/nature shots and the awesome view of the cityscape.

5. Cleary Square (Hyde Park) - Is home to tons of small shops and restaurants rich with history. I will be looking for shots that capture the charm of these small business. Images looking into the establishment from outside using of a window or door, 

*** UPDATE ***

I was planning to shoot all of the places on my list this weekend, but I ended up working doubles this whole weekend and couldn't get around to it so I had to change my strategy. Boston is a very beautiful and history rich city and I wanted to capture that with this project, but also show it in a different light. As I was walking around, I noticed that some of the older architecture looks a little scary and some of the original doors and windows on these buildings look like portals to another place entirely. I decided to take that idea and capture some of the cool buildings in Boston. but with a dark scary focus. Hope you guys like it!



Un edited




Un edited














Pet Portrait:

This my little brother's dog Missy. It was super tough getting her to stay put long enough for a decent photo but I guess with enough treats, anything is possible. I shot this indoors with recessed lighting as my main source. it has been getting dark very early on during these winter months, other wise I would have loved to shoot outside. 

Camera Settings:

f-stop: 4.5

ISO: 1600

Lens: 36mm (18 - 55)

Shutter: 1/20

Canon Rebel T5

Out of the camera: 


Post Process:


This is my first time ever shooting with a DSLR and I had the audacity to shoot in manual mode, which is why I don't think I got it right in the camera. But after watching your video on Lightroom and editing the image a bit, I think it came out pretty great (also first time in Lr). 

I was having a hard time understanding why I had to bump my ISO so high in order to get my exposure correct, while I was using such a slow shutter speed. Any help with that would be much appreciated. 


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