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Eric Thompson

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Photography Workshop : Week 1

Portand is a beautiful city, and although its a city thats torn by its television show, its also a city with an incredible amount of pituresque views, unlike any other city. From mountians, to rural city streets, to planes, trains, and automobiles, to bikes with 1 wheel, 2 wheels, or even 6 frames 9 wheels sometimes multiple riders with or without clothes. Yes, its fair to say that anything goes in Portland, and thats what I hope to capture in this project, a blend of the iconic, the strange, and the true vision of this city from those of us who live here. Ill try to focus in 3 areas of Portland, and see what I come out with.

  1. Downtown - From the view within the city streets, to the icons views of Downtown Portland.

  2. River - The Willamette river runs right through the city of Portland, splitting the city into 2 sides (east and west) all the while of being a historic landmarck the the city itself. 

  3. Nature - The outdoors is a gigantic apect of this place. People long for the warm graces of the sun, and dark grace of the overcast and rainy elements. 


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