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Photography Newbie - NYC Street Style / Blogging

Hello All & Indeana,

Wanted to say thank you for this class. While it's pretty basic, I feel like I need to hear and repeat some of the same things I've learned over in my head to really drill it in my head. I'm still very new to this whole photography thing, but over the last 6 months have grown passionate about creating great photos.

By profession I'm a graphic designer, but as my interest grew in men' fashion, I started to develop an interest in developing and helping other small menswear brands develop their identity. By combining my design background, I'm looking to offer services with design, photo direction and more! I actually run a men's online magazine called Genuine Men's Magazine.

You can find that link here

These photo represent a few of the things I've been spending my time on in terms of portraits and product photography. While I'm still working on my processing, I'm trying to get creative with the content that I shoot and also trying to gain as much knowledge as possible from sources like Skillshare and Youtube.

All of these photo are shot with a 7D + Canon 50mm 1.8 STM. 

Photo 1:


Photo 2:


Photo 3:


Please feel free to comment on things like cropping, focus, natural light, if you think things should have been different (I.E If I needed things like reflectors, flashes, better lighting, etc...) I want to know what others think of my photo. Be as critical as possible!

NOTE: I think I struggle with ISO a little because I want more light in certain inside situations, and I tend to bump ISO to 1600 when I'm in my home shooting food photography. Which tends to make my photos more grainy. I think I'm learning to keep it under 800 now and compensate with using a tripod for slower shutter speeds. Is this correct? Would love to start a discussion on each of these photos if you think they could have been done better.



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