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Sooo, I didn't get to listen to the last video all the way through and I'm not sure how to submit my final milestone.  Anyway, I tweeted a link to my post and the makers of the app replied, which was cool :D


Just a few weeks ago I wrote about my free trial of the RadLab Photoshop plug-in from Totally Rad!, and my conclusion can probably be paraphrased as wonderfully convenient, but rather expensive. That's why I was really, REALLY excited when Totally Rad! released their app PicTapGo for only $1.99 in the iTunes app store!!

PicTapGo fence

The controls are pretty intuitive; you choose a "pic" (or take a new one), "tap" a filter to apply and adjust the settings, and you're ready to "go" save and share your photo. I especially love how the live previews reflect how your own photo would look, instead of just a generic example like most apps, making the editing process that much easier.

PicTapGo in app

There aren't quite as many filter options in PicTapGo as there are in the full version of RadLab of course, but I was super happy to see my favorites "Skinny Jeans" and "Old Skool". Like in RadLab you have the ability to save combinations of filters as "recipes" to use again later; a feature I began to see the usefulness of towards the end of my RadLab trial. The app also keeps track of the filters you use the most in the "My Style" tab, which is a nice touch.

PicTapGo old school

As I would have expected you do lose resolution in the final file so I'm afraid you won't be using PicTapGo for poster sized prints anytime soon, but they do seem to be big enough for normal use.

PicTapGo cat

PicTapGo does currently lack some basic functionality (like cropping) but according to their twitter feed new features are coming soon. I also noticed that if I applied too many filters (like 6+) the app would crash when I tried to save my masterpiece to my camera roll. However, since this is only version 1.0 I'm willing to make allowances.

PicTapGo tree

Even though there are a ton of photography apps out there and I already have more on my phone than I'd care to count (ok, it's 64, but a lot of them were free, don't judge :)), PicTapGo is a highly recommend from me; I find it to be a powerful, convenient photo editing tool for a reasonable price (the full version of RabLab is $150).

PicTapGo forest

Since I've disclosed the slightly astronomical number of photography apps I have on my phone, it's gotten me wondering: how many do you have on your phone?

I'd really appreciate it if you visited my blog post: http://cherrykeyphotography.com/pictapgo-review-my-newest-true-love/


Oh dear, it’s only the first day and I find myself struggling a bit! I have no issues finding blog posts that I like, but I found it rather difficult to pinpoint ones I found "exemplary". Anyway, here goes:


I absolutely love "A Beautiful Mess" to begin with, but I particularly enjoyed this post because it showed me how to do something useful (add handwriting to photos) in a simple and straightforward manner with plenty of illustrations.  


I love photography (which is what my little blog is about) and I've been particularly interested in film photography recently. This post shares a little bit of background story and some images that I find remarkably lovely.


This post also focuses on a collection of beautiful pictures (yes, I’m definitely sensing a theme here) but I also love it because these pictures tell an interesting story about a day in the life of someone I've never met in person, and yet almost feel like I know. 


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