Photography 101 - Overview

Sat 7-9-16 -- Just getting started, so I am building my class template at the moment and working through my syllabus. I was thinking about doing a bunch of classes in order to keep them to the 10-20 min range on the initial 101 of photography including the overview that I am doing right now, then some on Aperture how it works and what it does, Shutter speed, ISO / ASA, etc. etc. and just keep making new ones as I go along.

Wed 7-13-16 --

Class Title: Photography 101 - Overview
Class Description:
    In this class we will quickly go over the major parts of the Exposure Triangle to help new photographers get out of Program Mode! We will discuss Aperture, ISO, and Shutter Speed and what they do and how they affect your images, how they work together and what you can do to get the image you want, not what your camera thinks you want!
Project Title: Your First Manual Photograph!
Project Description:

  1. The first thing we are going to do in the Photography 101 Series is take a picture in program mode! I know that doesn't make much sense, but you will understand shortly!

    1. Go out put your camera in full auto (green P or the green camera setting) and take a picture of a subject or a scene that you like that you can photograph over and over again to try different things with. Let the camera decide how to take the picture and share that with the class in your project!

    2. Next, look at the image on the back of your camera and see how it turned out. Is it what you want? Is it sharp? Are the right parts in focus and the right parts out of focus? Are the right parts lit and the right parts in shade?  Write down the settings the camera used (ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture)

    3. Share the photo and the settings in your project!

  2. Now we want to think about how you would like the image to look. Would you like it brighter, darker? A Shallower Depth of Field (less in focus)?

    1. Think about the settings that camera used, and then make changes based on what you have learned about the exposure triangle in the class videos. Note the settings on your camera now and re-take the same picture with the new settings in manual mode.

    2. Check and see if the image is more to your taste or if you would like to try another setting. Once you have an image that you like in manual mode, share it in your project along with the settings.

  3. (Optional) Share a little about what you were thinking and what you were going for with the manual settings and the differences you wanted to get from the "auto" image the camera took first. Let us know if the settings made sense or if you needed to really think about them.

Sunday 7-17-2016: https://youtu.be/s16aJoGmAjQ

    This is the first evolution of the introduction video for the class. The class videos will be screen caps or photos edited in as I speak to the different portions of the class!


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