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This project is all about taking photos of things that I enjoy in my city, well mainly the buildings and random coffee shops that I stumble upon. I go to school in downtown Winnipeg.

To start off this project, I thought that I would post a photo of my old high school, which oddly enough, is the same place that I go to university at, I went to the University of Winnipeg Collegiate for high school, and now I'm attending the actual, University of Winnipeg. Here's a photo of the iconic castle, WHICH IS THE HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!!!

I took this photo last week and needless to say, I'm quite proud of it.

This next photo describes what I do on a daily basis, get and drink too much coffee. I wanted to feature a particular coffee shop called Parlour, it's a local coffee shop in downtown Winnipeg that I love very much. It's so hipster chic as I'd like to call it and the coffee there is great. I love this coffee shop I go there way too much and spend too much money on it. But that's okay, because coffee is basically my life at this point #strugglingstudent


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