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Photographing at the WSOP

  • Brief introduction to you and the subject

Hi guys, sorry to join the party late. Justin great class. I thoroughly enjoyed all the information you shared. 

For this project i am sharing some pictures at took at the World Series of Poker in Vegas. The reason i chose to share these pictures is because i find it challenging to create drama using harsh/studio or event lights. I'd like to know more about how can one create powerful potraits when you don't have ambient light and are at an event where the lighting is very harsh and direct.

Appreciate any feedback on what i can do differently to make these better. 


  • 3 shots testing exposure (overexposed, underexposed, and balanced)

Overexposed shot. 


  • 2 shots contrasting composition (horizontal and vertical)

Horitzontal shot:

Vertical shot: I found the light to be very flat and one dimensional. How can i edit this picture to create more drama? 

  • 1-3+ final favorite shots (unedited or edited)

These are my three final favorite shots (edited) 


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