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Photographing Spring

OK so it's been dead for a while and I've been debating which to do next. Since St. Pattys Day is some what close I'm going to skip that holiday and focus on....


Here is the assignment


Take photos of the Easter / Spring themed things (eggs, bunnies, chocolate, bright colors, yellows, pink, baby blue, light green, etc). Don't limit yourself to just holiday themes, think the season as well. Spring is coming. Now, depending where you are in the world there might be snow in your neck of the woods and that's ok! You just need to be creative and this is where you as a person can be as creative as you want. Start dying eggs, find bright colored things, get a basket and fill it with spring items. If you're stuck google spring/easter things to find inspiration. 


upload several shots odf easter or spring themed things.

As always I will leave feed back.


I'll review each photo and select the top 3 as the winner (1st, 2nd and 3rd).

There will only be 1 prize this time.

1st Place-The first place winner will get a $25 Amazon giftcard (hey how many teachers are rewarding you for your stuff!) and a private one on one session with me, as well as me editing photos for them, and tags to go with the photo.

2nd and 3rd- will have a one on one 30 min season with me via skype to help them edit their photos.

I will also add the winning photos to my instagram account to get more exposure. 

Upload your project by 11:59PM on April 15th for consideration.

This contest may be updated in the future. 


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