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'Photographing Just For Fun'

I'm kind of a 'nervous photographer' I guess most of my friends are of the opinion that we are a generation of people that take too many photographs, but to me its important have something solid to look back on.

So as i get scolded if i take out my camera too often and also have relatively camera shy friends I thought id sign up to this class in order to get some tips and practice capturing a moment without making too much fuss about it...

The photo ive uploaded as a cover is actually my favourite that ive taken, and my source of hope which reminds me i can capture a fleeting moment, I took this photo whilst on holiday in rome, I was walking down the street and saw this lady approcaching the crossing, I knew there was a photo op in the making so I whipped out my camera to capture it and was so pleased I had managed to. I think i enjoy it so much because its also an example of what brenton said about lining things up, theres something very satisfying about doing that. so  this photo and style is my inspiration.

tomorrow I am going to try and find a place in my town and capture it with the same enthusiasm I had whilst on holiday.


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