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Barbara Rosner

Graphic Designer



Photographic Composition Week3


Sunset Silhouette

I walked into our back yard at sunset and captured this odd plant. The shallow depth of field ghosted out the other fronds. I like the abstract feel.

Stargazer Lilly

This lilly was my inspiration for symmetry.

Fern Study

Another experiment with symmetry. Shot against a bright window.

The Artichoke

I placed this on a black cloth in the sunlight coming through a window and shot straight down. I liked it both in color and B&W. I'd like your feedback.

Shapes & Colors

Back to our local library for these images. I used the shadows for some of the lines. I'm seeing triangles, arrows and lines.


Library Chairs

Colorful chairs outside the local library. I tried different angles and depth of field. Here's the diagonal.

Vertical orientation with depth of field blurring.

The Flea Market

I love textures, colors and repetitive lines. These spools of thread caught my eye.

I also tried this as a B&W because of the strong lines and textures.

Cactus Garden

Once again I'm playing with cactus. I went for an abstract look with this large agave.

I decided to try editing the colors to make the focal point more prominent.

Then I edited the image to add more dark to the back fronds and light to the front ones and increase the contrast. I like this one best.

Front Patio of Restaurant in Old Town Albuquerque

This caught my eye because of the columns, the chile ristras and the colored bows.

The sky was horrible today and I ended up with a triangle of white in the upper right corner. I cropped and did a little cloning of the trees and this is what I ended up with.


Double 07

I love this guy. He was so willing to pose. Afterward, I saw there were some major distractions. I've been liberal with the clone tool (to copy pixels from other parts of the image to cover distractions). I'm uploading the before and after.

Double 07 with Distractions

Here's the original with distractions.


This was taken through a bakery window. The foreground was my focal point but the background added to this image. I added a light vignette and desaturated to get a look I liked and to emphasize the foreground. I'll upload the before and after.

Patisserie Original

Patisserie Redo

Based on Frank's critique, I've revised this image to blur out the background which Frank found distracting from the focal point. Which do you like best?

Sandia Storm

I took this photo because the storm on the mountain was silhouetting some of the rocky outcroppings you don't normally see. Here's the uncropped image.

Sandi Storm Cropped

The forground was getting too much attention and I wanted the mountain to be the focal point. Here's the cropped version.

Sandia Storm B&W

Then I decided to try a B&W effect. I think I like this best.

These last two are different angles on some cactus. Any suggestions for these?

Cactus I

Cactus II


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