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Photo Walk

Around the Office

The outside is cold and covered in snow, and I'm at the office today, so I've decided on the "Around the House" theme, with the difference of shooting in my office instead.  Now, while I do carry a phone with me, I've also almost always got my Nikon D7000 with me as well, so I chose to shoot with it.  It probably makes me a little weird, but I really don't mind carrying my camera and the bag with lenses, tho to keep a little more in line with the challenge, I stuck with a single prime lens (50mm).

Light Fixture
Light fixture in the coffee shop which I've dropped the saturation on, and adjusted the exposure curve.



I have added a split tone in green for the highlights and red for the shadows.



The clippings from the binder.  In this image I adjusted the saturation for individual colors (the original image was heavy on the yellow).



One of Us
Decorative figurines I have on a shelf in my office. For this image I also dropped the saturation of individual colors - this time for a more stylized look.



I keep a vase of colored pencils on my desk at the office, however since I wanted to shoot them from above, I did move them to the floor for this shot (which might be cheating a little).



I love a good coffee.  This is another shot in which I dropped the saturation of specific colors to get an effect I wanted.  I felt the lowered saturation of the other colors in the image made the lipstick on the cup stand out more.



When I'm editing on my phone, I tend to use snapseed, because it's easy to use and gives me some nice effects.  However, because these images were taken with my camera, I chose to edit them on my computer using Lightroom -- which is handy in that it gives me more control of the post-processing of my images and that it allows me to automatically add a watermark when exporting my finished images.  As a design and branding person, that's something I feel is important.

Light & Shadow Photo Walk

I recently did a class with a photo walk as the final project.  For that project, I chose the "Around the House" theme, but I was intrigued by several of the other options and wanted to do them as well.  So here are some shots I took with the Light & Shadow theme in mind.

F 11, 1/1000, ISO-560



F 2.8, 1/320, ISO-160



Boot Print
F 4, 1/6400, ISO-360


I'm always looking to improve, so I would love any comments, questions, or critiques that you have.


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