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Photo Walk Challenge : Around The House

I really enjoyed thinking through the challenge opportunities. It's 1:45 a.m. so I grabbed my phone and took some snaps of items on my desk. I was interested in juxtapositions - what items sit next to one another or are mixed and associated with others, and how those colors, shapes, and textures might make a composition. So here are my first attempts in the photo walk challenge, Kristen.


A tiny basket holds my stapler, an eraser, yellow PostIts, and a slip of turquoise ribbon. A roll of duct tape is in the background.


I couldn't find the filter on my phone so this is in true living color. I was intrigued by the juxtapostion here of the antique planter bowl (my grandmother's) laden with the more modern-day iPod USB connector juxtaposed with a bundle of sage, a vintage wooden Kraft cheese box (my cards and letters file), and a foil candy wrapper. I like the mix of elements and textures here. What else does this say about the owner? That's my curiosity tonight. Something to journal about soon.

Having fun, Kristen!

Thank you!




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