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Paul Solt

iPhone App Expert



Photo Table for Mac - Leap Motion Enabled

I created a photo app called Photo Table for iPhone/iPad and I'm planning on building a version for Mac OSX using Leap Motion. It's a multi-touch slideshow and collage app. On Mac I want to use hand gestures to move the photos around the table like I do on iPhone/iPad with touch input.

I would like to separate the app idea into two apps, one focused on slideshows and the other focused on collages. I've found that there are certain UI controls that work better for one or the other, and when mixed it creates a less ideal experience.

Here's a screenshot and my app icon (large/small).


Logo and Icon

I didn't create an official logo for the app, only some basic loading screens. I'm not sure where to start yet, but I'd like to explore new designs for both the app logo and icon.

Update: April 1st, 2013 - Collage App Icons Study

I like the style of Diptic with the single letter.

Update: May 8th, 2013 - Concepts


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