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Photo Staging--Various Ways


The photo above is my latest...shot outdoors in my herb garden. I think the lighting was quite nice, so I think this will be a great place to shoot more photos for Instagram. should recognize a few of the botanicals!! :-) Oh yeah...this isn't flat. My head kept bouncing off the glass, so I had to shoot it upright. It kinda looks flat!  09.24.17


I am posting a few examples of my attempts with photo staging. One of the ways I have experimented with staging photos is to use patterned paper for the background. True story...I've noticed some of my favorite 'wood-grained' patterned paper in many other photos on Instagram, so I must be doing something right...right??? 

I struggle most with lighting because my craft room has small windows. The best time of day to shoot is when I'm at work, and on the's raining or I'm simply too busy to think about staging photos until the sun has disappeared. When using my LED lighting in the room, I get a yellow tinge to the photo because I have lovely yellow on my walls, and the lighting is most likely warm as well. Then there's the shadow from the iPhone when I try to shoot a picture at my desk. I could go on and on, but I'll stop here. 

I finally developed a staging area. Originally, I had the small light source close to my staging area. But, after watching your videos, Peggy, I decided to move it up higher. Yes, you guessed it...I now have more control over the light source, even though it is small. So my very bright watercolor painting turned out very bright...just like I wanted it to. 




This photo on my iPhone was awesome. Then I downloaded it to my computer to upload onto my project page, and I noticed I needed to adjust the lighting again. However, something was lost in the translation, so this photo does not look the same to me as it does on Instagram on my phone. :-(. .09.23.17


On Instagram, this photo is actually square, so it does have an even border of the wooden background paper I described above. I wanted to post this one to show my attempt at using objects that related to the theme/mood of the artwork. I do like how this one turned out in its original form. I had to crop it to fit the 2.0mg requirement for Skillshare. :-) 09.23.17




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