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Gregory Young

Photographic Artist, Photo Restorer & Art Framer



Photo Restoration – Rejuvenating Family Treasures

Photo Restoration – Rejuvenating Family Treasures

This class is for anyone wanting to restore photographs for family and friends, or for those wanting to add an extra income stream to their business. 


Most of us have family photographs that have irreplaceable value. They are more than likely the last visual links to the families heritage. Unfortunately many photographs pick up verious forms of damage over the years. This on going deterioration limits the lifetime of the photograph to the point where they may not make it into the hands of the next generation.

In Photo Restoration – Rejuvenating Family Treasures I'll be working on two black and white photographs where I'll be showing you just how easy it can be to restore them to their former glory using Photoshop.


The assignment is to find an old family Black and White photograph and restore it using what has been learnt from the lessons. 

Post a before and after of the image you've worked on. 

I would love it if you added a little story about the photograph and its significance. That's Optional.


  1. Introduction
  2. Image Assessment
  3. Spot & Stain Removal

Update 8th May

Video Segments now uploaded 

  1. Introduction
  2. Image Assessment
  3. Spot & Stain Removal
  4. Fixing Corners & Background
  5. Removing the Crease
  6. Removing Indented Stamp
  7. Second Image Go to Woe – Not a lesson. 

Last video segment is to be Conclusion & Assignment 


Intro Video Uploaded to Youtube:

After posting my first intro video on Youtube and getting a great suggestion back from Sebastiaan Destellirer I have made some changes to the origanal video.  Here is the new version. Thanks again for your suggestion Sabastian.

Update 29th May

Happy to have just published this my first class on Skillshare today. Here is a link that is FREE to the first 20 students using this link

Updated 22nd June


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