Photo Gallery (hope to include a photo caption randomizer)

I'm taking this course to get a sense of the make of dynamic websites. I work as a digital graphic designer and increasingly find the need to be able to read code. 

For my project, I'd like to create a site that creates dynamic photo gallery with a user's input and photos.  
I aim to incorporate at least two "fancy" js code to:

1. Incorporate parallax scrolling (I think this is the proper term) - whether horizontal or vertical.
2. Incorporate a code that expand the background photo to fit the size of the browser in use.

I'd also like to look into displaying captions onto these photos, but am not sure how to go about obtaining the captions. My most solid idea so far is that the user would be able to type their caption in, and the code would take that input, style it accordingly, and display it over the photo, hopefully like the photos that I've included. 

Ok, that's it!

Start page:

Sample photo slide (user input window not shown in this sample)



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