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Photo + Film Teach Challenge

Class Title:

Night Photography: Capturing Light Trails

In this class I will be explaining the process of finding the location and capturing extraordinary light trials

Class Project:

The three types of photos I will be expecting for the project are:


Find your typical cityscape shot, but shoot it at night. Paying close attention to have moving sources of light to create some subtle light trails.

Paint with lights:

Using a flashlight to paint a picture with the lights.


Not all light trails need to be taken from a high vantage point. For for this part of the deliverable, I want you to find existing lights for fabricate you own, but from a low angle.


A shot taken from the middle of the sources of moving light, to create a symmetrical outcome..

Class Outline:


2. How long exposures work

3. What you need

4. Settings

Types of shots:


Light Painting

Down Low


5. How to edit

6. Closing

Here's the intro video for my class:

My class is now published :)

Link to the class


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