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Meghan Hartman

UX Designer



Photo + Film Teach Challenge

Class Topic + Project

The project that we'll create in this class is a short (around 1-minute) product demo video. 60 seconds isn't that long so for this project you may want to limit the demo video to a specific feature of your app, rather than to create an overview of the entire app. You want to keep in mind digestibility of the content, pacing, and progression. Here is an example of the type of video you'll learn to create:

Class Outline

  • Introduction
  • The Class Project
  • Part I: Writing the screenplay
  • Part II: Making a shot list
  • Part III: Using Screenflow to capture your app video
  • Part IV: Editing
  • Part V: Voiceover hack
  • Part VI: Background music
  • Part VII: Working with voice actors
  • Part VIII: Exporting and hosting
  • Part IX: Conclusion


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