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Photo + Film Teach / April 1 Teach Challenge

April 1 Teach Challenge

Since I can only post one project I will add my progress on April 1 Teach Challenge here.

I've already posted my first class Shooting a Creative Roll of Film and working on it's marketing. In the middle of my work on the first class I was inspired by the recent infographic called "Should I Teach a Class On Skillshare?"
It asks there "Have you hacked a process?" and the answer is "Yes, I use coffee and dish soap to develop my film". That's just exactly what I can do.

The challenge part was really helpful when I worked on the first class, so I'm excited to take part in this challenge as well.

Class Topic

Film photography: Develop Black and White Film in Coffee

Class Project

Use coffee and dish soap to develop your film

Class Outline

Introduction Video

Sample video lesson


I was contacted by Danielle, one ofe the community managers saying that she liked one of my projects with a proposal to start as a teacher by taking part in a 30-day Photo + Film Teach Challenge.

I am a film photographer and I feel like I can share some useful tips and inspire people to shoot film.

February 18 update.

I'm still struggling with the class topic. I thought about different techniques I use, but most of them will use only several frames of entire roll. My vision is to have students going through entire roll and posting 4-6 best shots.

I love reproducing different scenes from movies. This can potentially be a good source of inspiration and can work for filling up the roll.


Other idea was to give an assignment to reproduce one or several of the old family photos that were probably shot on film as well. But that doesn't work well to fill the roll.

Film is great for double exposures. And because of simplicity and light weight of some cameras - for street photography. The class could be about that, but there are some classes on Skillshare that already explained that.


multiple exposure example


street photo example

Class topic

Become better at film photography: shoot a creative roll of film.

Class poject

Shoot a creative roll of film.

February 24 update.

I'm pretty impressed with the process of becoming a teacher. I was surprised to win the Class Topic prize. Thanks everyone for comments and advise. I've made several decisions based on feedback in comments. The idea of the class becomes clearer.

Already purchased a disposable camera to use for my example class project. Thanks to Daniel Ethridge for advise for making this project more fun.


Came up with updated Class Topic name. Actually two options: descriptive and fun.

1) Shoot a creative roll of film: Reproduce your favourite movie scenes with film photos
2) Shoot a creative roll of film: Hollywood Style

And filled out the template for the Class Overview:

Looking forward to seeing the feedback.

March 1 update.

Here is the link to the introduction video

I've started working on my own example project for this class. I've chosen the movie BIG from 1988 with Tom Hanks. Yesterday I've shot several frames with my friend. Couple of images:



I have some film left and I expect to have more cinematic result of it.

I've published my class and already started marketing. Here is the link.

It was an incredible month with Skillshare. Everyone was really supportive, thanks! I hope to teach another class in April.


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