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Photo Composition

I went to a local park to try out the first lesson. The day was dull and overcast.

For this photo I walked across lots of mud and placed the bridge in the rule of thirds crosshairs with the stream in the foregroung.

The tower is on a thirds vertical.  I think the path in the foreground helps lead to the tower.

This one was a few steps away. I thought the tree framed the view and I put the reflection of the sky on a thirds horizontal.

This was taken using the arch to frame the family. By chance the father is partly framed by the second arch.  At the time I was not conscious of that -- if I had been maybe I would have waited to press the shutter. This one I cropped to change from landscape to portrait.

The last one is in a stairwell. I thought the background and roof frame the subject.

Lesson 2.

For the second lesson I took a walk through the woods, plenty of strong veritcals and paths.

The first is the classic leading path with some diagonals of light.

The second one has a diagonal of light which I think leads the eye to vertical of light on the right. I also thought there is a diagonal leading to the same area with the two foreground trees. 

Looking up. Line leading to the center from all directions.

I tried to find something more abstract but this does not work as I had hoped. I think the problem is that maybe the diagonals are not strong enough.

In Spain for the last one. I saw a guy on a bench next to two statues. The diagonal of shadow provides a frame.  

This weekend we were in Vienna for our yougest granddaughter's first birthday. Most of the shots were of a child covered in chocolate cake. However, I did find some time to take shots  for lesson 3.

The first shot is a symmetric (almost) view down a train carriage.

 An almost symmetric view of cranes against a cloudy sky.

Here I was looking for something more abstract with geometry.

In the last picture I tried to combine symmetry (again almost) with leading lines and a diagonal with the 


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