Phoning while Biking..

Phoning while Biking.. - student project

I've taken a lot from your class but decided I wanted to try and do everything on my new Ipad Pro and use procreate.. Well, that was a nice challenge haha.. I had to draw her legs again and again for every frame. But in the end I have learned so much from doing this! I will for sure follow your course again and create another one, maybe actually following your techniques ;)

Phoning while Biking.. - image 1 - student project

This is a still illustration which I started off with.. you can see I had to delete the legs and draw them differently for the frame by frame animation, also adding spikes to the wheels in every frame :)

Phoning while Biking.. - image 2 - student project


Thank you for hosting this class Libby! It was super inspirational to see your process and a nice challenge to start animating!

Mirjam De Ruiter
Dutch designer with a tropical mindset